Saturday Ride Report

Jac, Jim, Rob, Curt, Hans, Merle, Mark, and RJ formed the double echelon and rotating paceline that pushed it’s way to St-Pierre-Jolys on this spring morning. Riding with the Gonad in the better (back) half of the double echelon: I was again blown away with his powerful gap-closing-pulls of our labouring quartet back into proximity of the out-front fearsome foursome of Hans, Merle, Mark, and Curt. Ah well, all pulled into the junction of PTH 215 & 205 at about the same time. Several hearty booger clearing snorts ensued and we were on our way, with some relief from a stiff headwind.
Caffeine fueled chatter percolated at the always accommodating Le Routier (or, as my oh-so-not-francophone Dad says, “the router”…I didn’t know he even knew what a router was). Jac explained how you can get two Paraguayans to produce 32,000 pallets in 32 minutes (or something like that). Curt explained how his PHD-MBA powered brain managed to save all his staff from federal cuts – and then forgot his credit card PIN and couldn’t pay for breakfast. RJ’s lesser mental powers, which have never failed when it comes to PIN codes, have not managed to find a strategy to save the likely loss of his job – but he did contemplate the benefits of a summer spent riding everyday (er, I mean job hunting…yeah, that’s right honey, I’ll get one of those business suit graphics cycling kits and ride to all my interviews). It’s not entirely clear how Jim and RJ ended up discussing the pro’s and con’s of riding in their wives one-piece or two-piece swim suits – but the outcome of the debate seemed to be a draw. Mark confessed to cyber-stalking this website several times a day in hopes of pointing out his name (Mark) on the inter-web to his wife. Jim confessed to feeling a lot safer around Mark since he stopped bearding. Sexual orientations of progeny were speculated (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Curt proposed un-Godly 7AM start times for all future rides. Jac affirmed his dictatorship over this matter and declared he would issue a decree in coming days. RJ & Jim tried the Southland Sprint on the ride back, only to discover that it now ends in gravel (a tradition ends because MIT does not ride gravel).

2 thoughts on “Saturday Ride Report

  1. Thanks for the Ride Report, Ron; it is as entertaining as always. To show my solidarity with you Ron I am contemplating quitting my job. In fact if we all quit our jobs and joined Pat as mechanics at Body Driven Sports we might really be able to generate business for Pat and turn his shop into a real competitor of Woodcock’s. I am basing this on the current ideas about Church growth. Build the building, hire the staff and they will come. If nothing else, with our employee discounts we could do all of our shopping at BDS and dramatically increase Pat’s sales of high end bikes and parts. We just have to convince the women to keep working.


  2. Well said, Ron. You have a re-mark-able way with words; a very humorous style not unlike Stephen Leacock or Mark Twain. You may even want to get into ad writing or mark-eting, if things don’t work out at the RHA. Whatever you do, I know you’ll make your mark. At any rate, with these brief re-mark-s, I must get back to mark-ing tests now.

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