Saturday Ride Report

In spite of what initially appeared to be a cold, rainy morning, our ride was really quite pleasant with very little rain . Merle, Jac and Jim rode out to Richer this morning because of a ESE wind. The usual excellent breakfast was devoured, stimulating conversation and a very fast return ride. It was great to hear that Jac is now starting to commute on his bike to work (8.3 km one way). Ron, what about you? That 29er should be ideal for the 12 or so kms. to Labroquerie.

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Semi retired, semi literate, a bit reclusive, but enjoy the company of the MIT cyclists-----> a great cross section of personalities, professions, ages, interests. We all share this strange obsession with the elegant, efficient, wonderful little machine called the bicycle.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Ride Report

  1. I suspect Loewen Blvd is not as cycle friendly as the Hwy 12 North service road. It’s brutally wash boarded and the cars come tearing past at 100 kph and don’t give a damn about stoning a cyclist. So, no, the 29’er won’t be riding to La Broquerie. Although I did try it, once.

  2. Ron, maybe try Hanover Road it will have a lot less traffic than Loewen.
    The ride average today was 31 km/HR going out and 34 km coming home with the wind. Might have been faster but I sure did appreciate the pull! This was one of those rides (again) that don’t really want to go cause it might be wet, cold or both. But then the ride starts and it is great as the endorfines hammer thru your system.

  3. Perhaps most importantly, those of us who have no fear in braving the elements were awarded with an exclusive membership in the Breakfast Points Club from Cat Sass. With two breakfasts down and eight to go, we will soon be dining for free. What could put the wind in a Menno’s sail better then the promise of free food.

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