Saturday Ride Report

It was, perhaps, suitably dreary and cloudy for a ride following sombre Good Friday reflections.  However, undeterred by stiff winds, a little spittle from above and a feel of snow in the air, eight hardy souls gathered at the tower for the weekly roust.  MIT regulars Jim, Merle, Mark, Rob S., and RJ where joined by Ed, Haley, and Pat.  With a harsh headwind the (normally) MTB trio quickly proved their mettle by ably pulling the group up the Ridge Road and onto a wind-at-our-backs final stretch to Schellenberg’s.  Haley (The Hammer?) opted to go for a solo 45 minute ride while the guys tanked up on eggs, toast, and that generous bottomless cup always served in Kleefeld.

Chatter included numerous references to communists, fascists, stalinists, marxists, and socialists somehow triggered by a passing reference to the idea of starting a bicycle co-op/cafe in Steinbach.  Both relief and disappointment was expressed at Merle’s lack of a decent Arkansas redneck lilt following his spring break excellent adventure.

The departure from breakfast was a bracing 38 kph blast to PTH52 that had RJ eating his eggs for the second time (how the heck do you guys ride that hard after a meal?).  The final 14K saw the group break-up into stupid-fast, in-shape, and i-don’t-give-a-damn-31k-is-plenty-fast (my category).

I think the season has begun.  I had to go and pick-up a big mac and milkshake tonight because I was just famished at about 9 pm.  The calories are burning up again.  Weather permitting, I will ride to Oakbank tomorrow for my traditional spandex clad triumphant arrival at the Janzen family Easter BBQ.