Saturday Ride Report

A somewhat cool and dreary gathering at the water tower eventually gave way to a clear and warm afternoon with a stiff wind from the south.  The faithful few were Jac, Jim, Glenn, and Ron.  After some selective abuse and reflections on the questionable manhood of various MIT members not present on this glorious morning, the intrepid quad tackled the   slick and mucky gravel mile south to Ridge Road.  RJ gloated over his fender clad single speed as the others quickly developed a splendid stripe of Lake Agassiz gumbo up their backsides.

As the quad turned west and settled into the four part harmony of dual drafting and battling the wind, RJ soon recanted of his fender ecstasy and longed for the gearing he had left hanging in the garage that morning.  The ride home, with wind, proved that “Redline” was to be more than just the name of his ride on this day.

Glenn passed on the waffles and chatter to make a timely arrival back home.  So the three amigos were left to dine at Schellenberg’s.  Jobs, family, gear, politics, further abuse (and even some qualified admiration) of MIT members not present and copious amounts of fine colombian brew carried the hour.

A pit stop at Pat’s fine little LBS produced a repaired water bottle cage for Jac and a new set of tires for RJ’s daughter.  Oh yeah, it also resulted in a new Rocky Mountain Soul 29’er  for RJ (the official explanation – the wife explanation – is “Jac made me do it” – and I have witnesses – right Pat?).

9 thoughts on “Saturday Ride Report

  1. Way to go, Ron! I look forward to riding BHP and Sandilands, etc. singletrack epics with you and your new 29’er.

  2. Congratulations, Ron!!! Now you’ll be commuting to work along Loewen Blvd gravel rd.. Your saving scheme, about paying yourself 45 cents per cycling kilometre to save up for a new bike, may be in a bit of a deficit now, but what the heck, live for today and tomorrow be damned.
    Now, what about the fat bike ????

  3. Patrick gives such great deals, I’ll be out of “debt” in well less than 2,000 km. Only about a week and a half of riding for you! No problem on the fat bike since we all know the perfect number of bicycles per enthusiast is “N+1” (although I may need a few more witnesses to blame that one on Jac).

  4. My manhood should always be questionable so maybe it’s best I didn’t show up for the ride Saturday. 🙂
    I’m admittedly carving more time with the running shoes for now with a half marathon coming up but hope to see you guys soon!

  5. It was the eyes that I noticed first. After his cheeks had felt the firmness of the new Rocky Mountian 29er, he couldn’t take his eyes off “white lightening”. Hardly letting go of his new ride he looked up and with almost a sigh said, “I must have her, she’s mine!”.
    In the world of round wheel brotherhood one must have the ability, passion and understanding to address “non-brotherhood” members why new rides are a must. Now if someone would be so kind to convince my queen of the importance of the three bike rule.

  6. Jac, if I remember correctly, you have two Cannondales, a Nishiki, and a Rocky Mtn (or is it Norco?). You’d better revise that to at least the five bike rule (which I fully support)!

  7. Ok I have more than three bikes, but maybe my version of the rule needs to be clarified. Three Bike Rule would mean that a bike for a bike specific ride i.e. road, mountian, comfort, feel good, winter etc. I do have more than one road bike and a comfort bike but think I need a mountian bike as well.

  8. Oh the joy that bicycles bring! Happy to play a part in enabling the dance between man, his machine, and his wife. Once again, thanks to MIT for all the support and companionship.

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