Saturday ride report

Another fine ride this Saturday morning – thanks Roadies! Welcome to Robert Laroque for his first ride (gorgeous classic steel Marinoni), kudo’s to Shannon for two-peating after a tough ride to Woodridge last week, and the hardass award goes to Neil for getting back in the saddle after his horrific crash just one week ago. He sported the most awesome battle scars. Coffee shop discussion included the recent news coverage about the US IRS OVDI program for US born Canadian citizens. Joy and Con (names changed to protect the innocent) contemplated the pro’s and con’s of keeping their wives out of jail (this was inconclusive as they were uncertain about conjugal visit privledges) while there was general consensus that Kerle (name changed to protect the innocent) should be turned in immediately so that we could all scoop the spoils of his awesome road bike assets (assuming the IRS would not sieze them). Mark reported on an excellent trip to the world’s most beautiful city – Vancouver (especially if you like riots). Brief kubbitzing ensued at Schellenberg’s with Mr-awesome-waxed-eyebrows (there was speculation that hair spray is also involved). Breakfast wrapped up by riding out of town just ahead of the local Kleefeld Honey Festival parade. So, naturally we decided to assume that the people were lining up to see us ride and we all gave our most dignified Queen Elizabeth-monarch-like waves as we staggered out of town burping up waffles and white sauce. As my mother in-law famously quipped “it may not have happened that way, but that’s how I remember it”.

3 thoughts on “Saturday ride report

  1. New rider, Neil scars, assorted stories with hidden meanings missed another great ride. But I rode 44 km on the Bow River and Elbow River trails in Calgary. Great morning to rode with hills and smooth roads.
    Looking forward to the long weekend rides, stories and building relationships both on the ride and at home after the ride trying to explain the morning.
    Anyone up for a longer ride Thursday maybe Woodridge or else where. Last week before new job starts Sept 6.

  2. Sorry I missed the ride this morning gents and lady(s). Finished work at 1am this fine morn and decided to get enough zzzzzzzs for the day. Decided to head out at noon for a Mitchell, NewBothwell, Hwy 59 return ride. Ended up me thinks about the same mileage as the Kleefeld Loop albeit without the breakfast and company. Although my dear wife did make wonderful waffles this morning with white sauce to get me ready for my asphalt adventure … have to say these are better than any restaurant version out there. I finally settled on the MotionX GPS iPhone App to chart my rides. Tested about a dozen or so and this one definately is loaded with tons of data, charts, and a great autopause feature. It was bang on with the bike computer for avg speed and mileage. Cant wait to use it this coming weekend at Clear Lake … Moon Lake and maybe North Gate … love those hills, hills, hills. You gotta check out the website for some crazy deals on jersey/bib short combos. I picked up a Garmin Slipstream package (blue argyle pattern) and found the sizing and quality bang on. The bib shorts are slightly short on the bib strap length although this is norm for bibs designed for the under 6 foot cyclist. (I said that last bit in a high voice) I ordered a L based solely on the size chart and the jersey has a full zip and the shorts have a very respectable chamois. $55 and FREE shipping!! My next addition will be a black and white Radio Shack combo ready to take on Ron in his Red Radio Shack ensemble. What will be yours??
    Have a great weekend and week ahead and safe riding to all. See yall after the long weekend.

  3. Another great 56 km ride in Calgary this morning. Rode up Elbow Drive to Fish Creek Provincial Park and rode great paved pathways up, down and around. All I needed this morning the MIT group to share it with.

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