saturday night blues – in Steinbach!

Listening to live blues music ranks right up there with cycling as one of my favourite things to do.  And now I stumbled on a little Steinbach gem that just might make that looming long winter a little bit more tolerable.  Tonight I took a walk downtown to get some dough out of the ATM and noticed the neon sign at the Green Tree Cafe beckoning to me.  I didn’t know they were even open on a Saturday night (not much is in this town).  So I take a look in the window and, I’ll be damned, there’s a blues jamb going on!  $5 cover charge and another buck-and-a-half for coffee and I sit and enjoy over 2 hours of live blues, just a spit from my place.  Sweet.  Every two weeks, all winter long.  Hosted by local talent , Dan Thiessen.  Joined tonight by Colin Reimer, Gabriel Klassen, and Len Lepp (superb harmonica).  Next jamb takes place Nov 6th.  We may not ride that morning, but we could drink coffee and tap our toes that evening – join me!

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  1. Rita and I checked it out last night (Nov. 6). Really enjoyed it—-there’s some real blues talent in this town. Saw Rod Thiessen there–he loves the blues.

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