Safety First

I noticed after reading the website for the 3 Feet Please! yellow jersey there is a link to a women’s cycling blog in Ontario and she has some great suggestions regarding safe cycling tips and organizing a campaign to lobby government for appropriate legislation and structures (4′ shoulders on rural highways, etc.). Wouldn’t that be awesome. Check it out.

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2 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. That is a really good site – thanks for the link. What she says definitely applies to drivers here too and while we all probably feel like its useless, that our pleas often fall on deaf ears, if we don’t keep at it we won’t get anywhere and in an era of wanting to be “greener” I think we have a chance to be taken seriously…well, at least a bit more than previously at least! 🙂 Is MIT ready to be more organized and pro-active about this?

  2. I thought her website was great. In fact, I adapted her form letter to use for our Sandilands Ski Club “Save the Forest” campaign. (
    I would love to participate in such a campaign for bicycle safety here in Manitoba. I think the timing is actually perfect. I think the current provincial government is open to this type of action. It fits in with everybody’s politically correct agenda. They want to appear to be environmentally friendly and supportive of alternative modes of transportation. Besides, who can argue against making our roads safer?

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