Rules to live (ride) by?

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Reflecting on last Saturday’s suffer-fest into the headwind going to Kleefeld, I felt uncomfortable about the riders who dropped and the way we broke up.  It was a very tough headwind.  Everyone would have had a better ride if we’d just stuck together in one group.  I know we’ve talked about this ad-nauseum over the years and I hate to be the one to bring it around yet again, but, in the following link are some “rules” copied from the Alter Ego Cycling Clubs “Sunday Ride” guidelines.  I think they could be worthwhile considering for us too.  I appreciate the comments in these rules about “half-wheeling”.  I know the buffeting wind can contribute to this, but there was alot of it going on in our peloton and it made the risk of rubbing wheels rise dramatically.  I think that the two leads in a double paceline should always match speeds to the “weaker” of the two riders, not try and force the weaker rider to match the stronger.  It causes confusion and uncertainty behind you when you start “half-wheeling” to challenge your partner.  Just calm down and ride beside each other.  Anyways, you can download these rules from “here”.

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  1. Wow, what a pack of information. Obviously a lot of thought and research and experience has gone into the Alter Ego group ride guidelines. I can definately relate to the recovery ride aspect of the weekend group rides as my weekday rides and training sessions are often nearing or entering into anaerobic zones. Therefore the weekend rides become great opportunities to increase the mileage and endurance for the other events I do and to be able to ride with a great group of cyclists. Problem is the capabilities of the group riders do vary at times especially early and late in the season and this precipitates the gaps we so often have. The other happens to be the namesake of the Alter group … EGO. The area of half wheeling I think happens more so due to our speed we are trying to maintain and because of that we position ourselves in the group to get the most draft benefit we can find. Thinking about it today, I agree that the risk factor increases by riding in that format and yet feel that we have done well as a group to keep our rides a safe environment for MITers. My wish is that we can continue to ride safe no matter what our group size is at a level and way that new riders can be encouraged to come, learn, and keep the comaraderie such that all our riders enjoy the day. We have roads just outside our front doors that we actually can ride in a group … that is major blessing in itself. Lets use this time early in the season to come to a consensus on our rules/regs and not be afraid of holding each other accountable. Bottom line is we want our rides to be safe, enjoyable and a healthy alternative to our 21st century Western civilization type life styles. Church of the Round Wheel as Jac often comments. Doing it together.
    Enjoy the ride this weekend (Im away) and keep pedaling.
    Rman out

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