roller derby

So close you can just taste it, eh buddy?  Sorry Paul, close only counts in horsehoes, hand grenades and women!  One hour seven minutes and 50.07 KM in the saddle tonight (gotta love those big rollers) – I’m back on top!

5 thoughts on “roller derby

  1. Hey RJ, just curious what gearing is producing the 50+km/hr on the big rollers? Have you checked your cyclo computer re the right wheel setting? Just trying to give the others a fighting chance against your mammoth rides. Can imagine you’ll be ready to average a cadence of 120 once the season starts again … we’re in big trouble!

  2. I’m riding in the top gear most of the time, which I think is 53/12? Wheel setting, what is that? You mean that’s important? Huh…I used to have this computer on my daughter’s 24″ bike, would it matter that I just re-mounted it on mine? I do have my rollers pointing downhill, maybe that’s the advantage!

  3. I think we’re going to change your nickname to “Rockin’ Ronny” with those stats. You’re amazing! Have you been out skiing? If I include my skiing stats I’d have over 240km this month. Helmut and I are planning to go skiing tomorrow afternoon – interested?

  4. Didn’t ski last weekend and I’ve got Board meetings this weekend. Can’t get away from the office this week, boss is on vacation (wait a minute…maybe I can get away).
    Personally, I think you should use your skiing stats and they should count at about 3X the rate of cycling stats (i.e. 10KM skiing = 30KM cycling). Hans should use his running stats and they should count at about 4X the rate of cycing stats. Why don’t you guys just add your skii’s and runners to your bike journal profile as a “bike” and then log the equivalent KM’s? Bike journal allows you to exempt certain bikes from your profile stats, so you could include them, or not. Alternately we should change the derby from roller derby to calorie burning derby and then all types of training would count.
    I volunteered for the Sandilands Classic today. I’m going to have fun sending kids the wrong way around the track and watching them collide with the uber-keen racer’s from the Wpg clubs.

  5. You are nuts!
    As some famous fat guy once said “It’s not over till the fat lady sings”
    So until I hear a fat lady singing, it ain’t over!!
    The fat lady will be the nurse at the hospital thats giving me my sponge bath after I puke up a lung and bust a nut trying to ride for an hour 53/11.
    It’s no wonder you smoke the miles. I average 31.5 kph, and the mileage reflects that. I think you have illegal rollers and should be banned from international competition! As a matter of fact, i’m calling for manditory drug testing as well!!

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