RJ’s Rules Of The (Ridge) Road

  1. When you ride a narrow secondary highway, with no traffic in site, the first two vehicles you see will approach from opposite directions and meet directly in front of you thereby forcing you on to the gravel shoulder.
  2. Vehicles approaching from miles behind you will always catch up to you just as you try to swerve around a pothole, thereby forcing you rather on to the gravel shoulder.  For added effect, they will be pulling trailers with hog shit flying off the back.
  3. When you ride your single speed the wind will always change directions against you, so as to ensure that “Redline” is not just the name of your bike but also an apt description of your heart rate for the duration of the ride.
  4. Flipping the bird to rude and inconsiderate 18 wheelers is a mandatory gesture of public education, besides, they are always in a hurry and will not stop.
  5. Flipping the bird to rude and inconsiderate dump trucks is foolish and can result in unexpected flat out sprints, particularly since they are not in a hurry and are prepared to stop.
  6. Keeping your eyes peeled to the shoulder and being prepared to stop can result in additions to your ever expanding road-kill toolkit (just make sure the dump truck driver is not coming back to pick it up).
  7. None of the above matters because I love riding and will keep doing so, no matter what.

What are your rules of the road?  List them in the comments…


2 thoughts on “RJ’s Rules Of The (Ridge) Road

  1. The one ride you do into the country without your cell phone will result in a ride-ending mechanical at the furthest point from home.

    I learned this rule the hard way this past Sunday. Long walks in road shoes aren’t fun.

  2. When nature calls, review the traffic situation, non insight provides oppourtuity to listen to the birds as you stretch out your bib shorts. Once stopped and enjoying the moment a car will appear out of nowhere or the homeowner of the house you didn’t notice, will step outside to see what if there is a problem.

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