Ride’n the Big Bike

The South Eastman Health “Pedal Pushers” ride the Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Bike last week. I love riding with that boom box mounted on the back. Trooper’s “raise a little hell” quickly became “raise a little health”. That’s yours truly 3rd from the back and Le gros fromage right at the back. The Board Chair got a free ride…his legs were too short to reach the pedals!

4 thoughts on “Ride’n the Big Bike

  1. How do you stop that thing? Is there a set of brakes or something or does everybody push back on the pedals at once?

  2. I think we should bring that down to the Headwaters ride…then again, that’d be a real bugger to get up the hills.

  3. I like your idea, Val, at least no one would get dropped. But, Jim’s right. How would we stop that thing going downhill in the park? They’d find us in the lake on that one downhill turn that goes by the lake.

  4. No problem. It’s got a truck frame, suspension, and disc brakes. Val may be right, the bigger problem would be getting it “up” the hill, even with 30 riders. I think our best group experience will probably be the gathering ’round the pool at C’Mon Inn – I can hardly wait to get out there!

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