Riding Mountian Challenge, was…

The 11th annual Riding Mountian Challenge, was just that.  Saturday the rain didn’t stay away from the time we left Dauphin and continued as we climbed our way to Clear Lake.  One thing I found out (again) that Red Wine & Rum celebrating Paul’s 40th birthday didn’t help make the climbs any easier. 

Jim, Rob, Paul & myself enjoyed two outstanding days of riding.  Truth be told the Sunday was the best as the weather was sunny & cool and the wind at our backs as we headed north to Dauphin.  The down hill section was a blast as we hit speeds of 70 km’s plus with warnings of bad asphalt sections just before leaving. 

Jim finished both days ahead of Paul, then came Rob & myself.  350 riders and raised over $200,000 for MS.

Just feels good.  So then the next question is how many MIT riders are in f0r 2008?

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