Ride the Ridge Invitational

What do you guys think of the idea of promoting an invitational ride sometime this season?  I’m thinking we could send an invitation to a couple of other clubs to join us on one of our rides to Woodridge.  Perhaps, like the MCC ride a couple of years ago, we could rally at Richer and ride to Woodridge (about 125KM round trip).  Maybe we could invite The ABES and Red River Racing? Still plenty of t-shirts to give away from that MCC ride.  How can you tell I’m sitting around looking at this snowfall and thinking about riding…

By the way, has anyone else noticed that our e-mail distribution list (riders@mennonitesintights.com) does not seem to work anymore (at least, not for me)?

3 thoughts on “Ride the Ridge Invitational

  1. Ron, I received a number of test e-mails last week, so I think it works. Maybe not too many people re-subcribed to the mailing list (see panel at lower right on this page).

  2. Oh, oh. That’s got me thinking. A number of months ago I switched back to Shaw from MTS. Maybe the problem is that I’m no longer on the list! Duh!

  3. Great idea RJ. We could make that work, maybe this would be the start to an MIT century ride we host each year. ohoh That sounds like alot of work maybe lets just ride bike.

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