ride on boys (& girls)!

Best of luck to all the MIT Actif Epica racers tomorrow!  I believe we have Jim, Rob L., and Pete in the race, as well as MIT associate Andrea (aka Cyclechick).  If you guys don’t rip it up too quickly, I might see you at the Niverville checkpoint (I’m the “official” from 3PM till the 7:30PM cut-off time).  Your awesomeness is awesome.  Protect your fat bikes at the checkpoint, if I’m there, they could get “lost”.

I’m thinking I’ll bring my roller along for the hypothermia testing.  You know, ride the roller handsfree while counting down from 100 in prime numbers…that sort of thing.  Won’t this be fun?

2 thoughts on “ride on boys (& girls)!

  1. Great picture, Ron!!!! Looking forward to the adventure, and I’d like to thank you and all the other generous volunteers. You guys are the heart and soul of these events.

  2. Ron!! The bike in the picture bears a striking resemblance to your Colnago but the driver isn’t sporting a “Goatee”. Have you checked your bike rack? Thank you for the encouragement and the heads up. I’ll have My wife draw up cue cards for the Hypothermia test and I’ll cut a length of strong chain for checkpoint security. (even though my tires are not quite “Fat” enough, 2.5 inches) I think I will see you in Niverville within that time frame. Thank you for the help and special order that Fat bike soon!

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