Ride Moved, again

Executive decision to move the time and destination of the ride for Saturday, May 7th. Due to the “Pick-Up and Walk” event and it is still cool in the morning the ride will leave later in the day.

The executive felt that it was important that riders located in Steinbach have the opportunity to take part in a community wide event. Some mentioned that MIT cycling shorts be worn to show that our MIT group is participating. It will show that we don’t just ride away from our community but that we are part of the big picture. Further motion tabled included, due to the type of event people have been encouraged to wear older clothing as we might get dirty that we wear our Very Old Mennonite In Tights (VOMIT) gear. That motion was defeated due to unsightly opportunities that might have a negative effect of our participation in the event.

Ride will now leave from the water tower at 12 noon and ride the Kleefeld loop.   Although the time might stay the same the ride can be extended, further decisions will be made at the executive update meetings prior to the ride commencement.

A brief discussion regarding the May long weekend rides took place but no final decisions have been made.   Administration has been asked to file a report for further review, then further decisions will be made.

If required see your respective executive committee member for further clarification, updates or to just give him hell for something he has no control over.

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