8 thoughts on “Reveal The Path

  1. Yeah, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? What holds us back from these things really? All of these guys had jobs, families, obligations and yet they did it. I think when it comes down to it, I’m not the guy to pull the trigger on an adventure of this grandeur. But I like to think I’d be the guy to say “I’m in” if someone else were to step up…

    How you do’in anyways? Didn’t see you all summer. I notice you kept up the riding pretty well – according to your Bike Journal log. Nice to see that you still got your mojo work’n 🙂 .

  2. Heh Ron and Neil, great to hear that there are still a few MIT’ers alive out there. I was getting tired of looking at the post about Jimmy leaving for B.C. Too depressing for those of us left behind. It sort of felt like Jim had been raptured, Ron had been sent to purgatory, Neil was condemned to riding the same loop around BHP for ever and ever and ever, and the rest of us were settled into this funk of resignation that all hope for the salvation of our little group was gone. Perhaps it is time for MIT to grab the Bike by the Horns and plan a summer cycling trip to keep the MIT spirit alive. Perhaps a trip to B.C. to do a tour with Jim this summer might be a way out of the funk. Or we might consider an excursion down to Wisconsin. The riding is exceptional around the LaCrosse area. Any thoughts?
    At the very least we should get together for breakfast sometime soon on a Saturday morning.

  3. Sweet trail Neil. Reminds me of the trails on the “Head For The Hills” ride I did this fall. I got lost and was way over my head on a very technical trail in the Pembina escarpment south of Morden. Fortunately Ed came along and led me out of trouble or I might still be out there somewhere!

    Road trip to Jim’s place eh? That’s something to scheme about. How about an MCC cycling learning tour across Honduras this January? Yup, it’s happening (sadly I will not be going).

  4. We are long overdue for a bicycle excursion. We have little to brag about for 2013 – no Muddy Waters, no MS rides, no Headwaters, not even Woodridge. My longest ride was a metric century! We are starting to think about our summer holiday plans, and I think a multi-day excursion would be a great idea. Let’s do it!

  5. Right on Rob! I would vote for either Wisconsin or Jim’s neighborhood. Both would be attractive options. Wisconsin has great riding with very quiet roads and climbs that are never more than a few kilometers but can be steep at times. B.C. has spectacular scenery, an experienced guide and probably some leg buster long climbs. My summer will be quite open as far as I can see, but July is probably the best.

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