5 thoughts on “Remember post “8-4-2”?…I did it.

  1. Congrats RJ. Great looking ride! Looks like the tires are a bit muddy … off-roading with the fixie? Remember, always keep pedaling. Will we see it on an upcoming MIT ride? Hey BTW, what happened to the Deacons ride Big Jac? One of these years, we should take in the Canada Day festivities in Vita on July 1st. They put on a fantastic day.

  2. Yeah – beautiful bike RJ!!!
    And I’ve never managed to make a Vita ride yet, was looking forward to it this weekend so I was disappointed when we got rained out. Hopeing we can schedule one before August since I’m gone pretty much that whole month.

  3. Do my eyes deceive, or is that actually a bike parked on your deck?
    It’s about time!! LOL. I can hardly wait to here how you “SOLD” yourself to break down and pick it up!!!
    Oh, and heres a little quip from GC
    “Why do we park on driveways and drive on Parkways?”

  4. Looks as good as what you said it did. Sweet!! Now how do I convince my true love in my house to let me put just one more bike under my roof?
    Thought maybe the food was better in St Malo than Deacons. Alright straw vote will be taken at July 1st @ 7 am @ water tower.

  5. Beautiful girl on your deck, Ron! But, I’m not paying for her! I hope you didn’t put her on my account at B & B, because I’m not working there anymore (or any less, for that matter!).

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