Reflections of the Muddy Water Ride

On my recovery ride yesterday I thought back on the Muddy Waters ride that took place last Sunday, August 9th.  It was a good ride and here are some of my thoughts as I rode along trying to loosen up.

  • good event
  • great weather
  • 500 riders, wow, didn’t look like that many but great to see
  • opportunity to see Haily in her Manitoba jersey and teammates
  • I enjoyed the start and finish as it provided opportunity to warm up and cool off
  • good rest stops
  • pumped out of the back of the peloton 20 km into the ride
  • getting pickup by the voice of an angel (Val) riding with the Junkyard Dogs from Portage
  • connecting with Neil and Curt at the first rest stop
  • riding the last 120 km with Val, Neil & Curt with Peter the last 80 km
  • Curt pulling way too much the whole way in at 36km/hr
  • sore muscles, backs and legs
  • running out of food, gel, water then Pete & Neil provided the energy
  • picking up Pete at the Bird’s Hill rest stop
  • listening to Merle and Jim talk about their ride
  • missed Paul, Ron, Rob and others who would have enjoyed the ride
  • 2 pair shorts, no saddles sores
  • electro lite tablets in water, no cramps
  • lost 7 lbs on ride, too bad it finds it’s way home
  • no flats, accidents or sunburn
  • MIT riders Haily, Merle, Jim, Mark, Curt, Neil, Pete, Val
  • check out the pictures

  Looking forward to next year!

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Just a middle-aged man whose blood pressure and cholesterol were out of wack and needed a tuneup, bad. Then I rekindled my love for riding a bike -- just the simple act of turning the cranks. What happened next is I met a lot of neat people who are as nuts as I am. Ride on.

6 thoughts on “Reflections of the Muddy Water Ride

  1. 7lbs in one ride – wow! There’ll be nothing left of you in a few more “centuries” :). Thanks for the pic’s – the club jerseys really stand out…it’s time we get them too. I got a chuckle seeing Jimmy right at the starting gate – I can just imagine what followed! Didn’t recognize his ride though, he must have actually washed it for the occassion. Yup, keep rock’n the two-shorts, it’s the only way to go. Sorry I missed this, looks like it was alot of fun, nice t-shirts too.

  2. Jac, it was a memorable ride. Curt pulling us from Hell and back! The corner at Henderson Hwy. and Bowen. The vitamin I from Val and Pete, and boy, did that chocolate milk taste good at the end! It was great to ride with all of you.

  3. Thanks Jac. Sounds like a great ride. Sorry I missed it as I really enjoyed last year’s ride. Sounds like second year in a row Curt was the uber domestic!! By the way, from your thoughts…. Is Hailey cycling for team Manitoba? If so, did she make the Canada Games squad? Anyone know? I’m hoping to catch at least one of the road cycling events in Summerside next week. Will be sure to cheer her on if she is there.
    Cheers, Glen

  4. Glen, Haily is on the Manitoba team and will be racing in PEI. I don’t have her schedule but I believe she is racing both Mountian and road.

  5. It was a great ride, weather turned out better than expected and it was so nice to ride with my MIT compatriots (well, with 5 of them…Merle and Jim were up with the lead group somewhere and I never expected to actually ride with them…man or machine? Not sure…)! Yup, Curt humbled us all and I was happy to ride his coat tails in I have to say. And I’ll make sure to pack the whole bottle of ibuprofen next year so I have enough for everybody…love that stuff! And an honorable mention goes to VetWrap for holding my Achilles tendon together for the ride. Jac, I don’t know if I’m an angel per se but thanks for saying it (and for not noticing the duct tape on my halo…) 😉
    I have some pictures that I’ll also post soon.
    Oh – and…GO HAILEY!!!!!!

  6. It was a good ride. It was fun to get the feeling of racing again without having to get serious and do the official racing license thing. A little crazy at times though with some of the riders ignoring the rules and riding in the opposing lane. Has anyone heard anything further about the accident in Selkirk? On the one hand I kind of like the ride at your own risk approach. On the other hand, when guys are willing to risk turning themselves into hood ornaments to gain a few spots in the peloton 40km into the event, it may be time for the organizers to take a careful look at the situation of racing on open roads. A death on the road would shut down the event in a hurry, and that would be a shame.

    I didn’t lose 7 lbs Jac, but I did drop a few more. Also, the ride to Richer today felt shorter after last Sunday’s century.


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