record setting ride (Mar 17)







A record warm day, a record early start for the Club and….






a record turnout of 21 riders!  Unfortunately, also an accident with two riders going down (Rob and Cameron).  Abrasions, torn spandex, and wobbly wheels resulted but everyone finished the ride.

2 thoughts on “record setting ride (Mar 17)

  1. It was great to see the enthusiasm for the start of the cycling season. Too bad about the mishap. Cameron and Robert, I hope you heal up quickly.

  2. Merle. Thank you for the quick wheel straightening job. It seems to be as good as new again. Also I’d like to thank all the guys for their help and concern. Cameron is cut a bit deeper than myself but seems to be healing well. I will keep a close eye on it regardless. Looking forward to the next ride. Rob and Cam 🙂

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