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If you, as am I, are now surrendered to the tedium of indoor spinning you might want to check out the newest video training offerings by THE SUFFERFEST.

If you’re not into that kind of bodily thrashing and you just need some intellectual stimulation as you spin, I recommend watching Chris Hedges lament The Death Of The Liberal Class following which, you should grab a cuppa and then call me for a debrief discussion.

I see that Jim is not yet succumbed to natures forces and still found the fortitude to ride St Pierre today. I would also note that at precisely 11-11-11-11 the go-Nad was not deep in reflection (as I drove past him hammering his way to Le Routier for his eggs).

4 thoughts on “random stuff

  1. Sorry, Ron, I didn’t see you. As you know, it’s very difficult to see into cars because of the reflection and if they honk, it’s doubly confusing because you don’t know whether it’s a friendly honk or a hostile honk. Then you have to decide whether to give them a friendly wave or the middle finger——so many decisions!!!!!! Anyway, happy spinning. (As for me, I’d rather chew on broken glass than ride a bike indoors on a trainer or rollers.)

  2. Why do I now have Annie Lennox and “Broken Glass” stuck in my head? Hey, that might be a good soundtrack for spinning!

  3. I had no idea it was a song.

    Walking On Broken Glass —Annie Lennox.

    You were the sweetest thing that I ever knew
    But I don’t care for sugar honey if I can’t have you
    Since you’ve abandoned me
    My whole life has crashed
    Won’t you pick the pieces up
    ’cause it feels just like I’m walking on broken glass

    Walking on walking on broken glass

    The sun’s still shining in the big blue sky
    But it don’t mean nothing to me
    Oh let the rain come down
    Let the wind blow through me
    I’m living in an empty room
    With all the windows smashed
    And I’ve got so little left to lose
    That it feels just like I’m walking on broken glass

    Walking on walking on broken glass

    And if you’re trying to cut me down
    You know that I might bleed
    Cause if you’re trying to cut me down
    I know that you’ll succeed
    And if you want to hurt me
    There’s nothing left to fear
    Cause if you want to hurt me
    You’re doing really well my dear

    Now everyone of us was made to suffer
    Everyone of us was made to weep
    But we’ve been hurting one another
    And now the pain has cut too deep…
    So take me from the wreckage
    Save me from the blast
    Lift me up and take me back
    Don’t let me keep on walking…
    Walking on broken glass

    Walking on walking on broken glass

  4. Hold strong Jim and ride outdoors till you can ride no more. I put in a good 100+ km. in the last 3 days. What a fall. If we are lucky maybe we will be able to ride into December.


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