Rain? what rain?

At 5:30 am it wasn’t raining and the temp read +11C.  by 7 it was +6 and light rain.  by 7:45 am on my way to the water tower I kept saying to my self, “hope no other idiots show up”.  So we had ourselves a wet ass ride to Richer, all 5 of us “brave?” riders.  Well the ride out was dry, but the ride back it was drizzling the whole way.

But like many rides, they start out wondering what we were doing out here, then it turned out to be a great ride as we worked together to average over 30 km/hr for the ride.  Rain was one thing, but at least we had light to no wind on this ride.

So now we get to get intimate with our bikes as we clean them from all the rain spray and dirt that was inflicted upon them.  When that sun does shine one day on a ride, and we do feel the heat on our white, bare knees and sweat if flying off our helmets, that will be another day for a great bike ride….

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