The cost per kilometer (includes purchase price & upgrades) of my bikes:

1983 Kuwahara MTB (stolen 2008)… 1.6 cents/km

2004 Giant OCR3 (sold 2009)… 5.0 cents/km

2008 Redline single speed flip flop… 23.0 cents/km (so far)

2009 Colnago Strada SC… 38.0 cents/km (so far)

I’ve decided that I’ll try to follow the rule that I can’t replace a bike until I hit the 5.0 cents/km return on investment (ROI) threshold.  Only 61,000 more km’s to go on the Colnago (approx 11 years at my average seasonal pace)!  Of course, a new MTB would not be a “replacement” bike that would be an “additional” bike and that’s a whole other rule…

On the topic of MTB’s, this is a link to a very cool video that a colleague sent me.  It’s a four part series, although I’ve only watched part one.

What’s your best ROI on a bike?  I bet Jim or Pete have a ride that’s in the range of 1 penny per km….

3 thoughts on “R.O.I.

  1. Not quite: cost/km for my OCR road bike = 7.3 cents/km approx.
    cost/km for my Kona cyclecross bike = 3.7 cents per km. approx.
    Pete builds his own bikes, so as long as he doesn’t pay himself anything, his costs per km would be really low.

    I’m only counting original cost including taxes. Not included were the occasional chains, sprockets, wheels, tires and other maintenance stuff
    that was replaced on the bikes. I haven’t really kept close track of those costs. Maybe add 10 to 20% to the above.

    By far the most important returns on investment are the intangibles: the health and wellness benefits of riding a bike. Everyone I know that rides a bike regularly has experienced these.

  2. used Cannondale purchased for $150 plus upgrade 1.6 cents/km
    Cannondale R-800 6.5 cents/km (so far)
    Rocky Mountian commuter 8.1 cents/km (so far)
    2006 Toyota Matrix lease only 18.6 cents/km plus gas 23.6 cents/km
    weight loss (summer) 385 lbs
    weight gain (winter) 322 lbs
    Health? like Jim says huge benefit, low resting heart rate, too big an appetite, improved mental health, calluses where the sun don’t shine and a revised understanding of the world events each Saturday Morning!

  3. Great stuff, happy for you guys and your health benefits. Unfortunately, not the same for me. My knees hurt, my BP is still high & climbing, my cardio sucks, my heart rate is high, and I don’t even have much energy these days….after 7 years of steady riding and training regularly all winter. Although I agree about the mental health. My mood always picks up when I ride. The main thing that keeps me going is just the enjoyment of the sport.

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