psychology of a ride

Saturday, under clear skies, warm weather, the wind at our backs, I felt like we had a “good” ride to Woodridge.  The ride home was another thing all together, but the ride out had all the makings of the perfect ride.  Still, with seemingly all the essential elements in our favour, that “special something” wasn’t quite there for me.  It was good, but not great.

Then there was today with grey skies, cool, wet, alternating drizzle and steady rain, slurping rooster tails in the draft, and somehow it felt like a great ride.  What is that?  How does that work?  I think, for me, it might have been the synchronized efficiency of our draft.  With the smoothness of a maserati transmission we slipped in and out of draft, dodging potholes, buffeting wind, climbing and descending (there actually IS some going to Richer).  We seemed particularly in tune with each other and each one seemed to pull just the right amount.  The stars aligned and we were a force…team MIT.  Thanks for a great ride guys!

4 thoughts on “psychology of a ride

  1. Your bang on RJ, why is one ride different than the other. I felt good today as well, although going out the first half to Richer was just getting the legs working again.
    Yea it was a good one!

  2. You Guy’s are all nuts!!!!
    7:30 AM I looked out the window and said “well I’m convinced” and went straight back to the nice warm confines of my bed!!
    I did however get a good 50 km ride in this afternoon, dry and warm with a nice north west wind making me work a little on the way out. Even ran into Val and her mom out on the road, the best part about the ride? NOT having to clean my bike!!!

  3. I agree and disagree at the same time. Although I agree that every ride has its own experience and level of satisfaction, the rides such as the “Woodridge 2008” are the ones that truly shape us as MITers. To tackle the elements that most motorcyclists would stay away from (and add to that the epic nature of a long 100+k ride), we identify ourselves as being able to handle and conquer such elements. We may never hit wind gusts like that again, although if we do, we know we’ve been there before and that may be all that is needed to endure and conquer again. My personal satisfaction comes from the ability to go the distance, what ever the ride is, with some semblance of a reserve left after it’s done. This last Woodridge ride is another one for that special list of my rides that include “Harbourview”, “Woodridge 2006”, San Francisco (Mt. Tamalpais), Sals on Fermor, and RMNP North Gate. I expect, more will come … just when we least expect it.

  4. Hey Paul, are you going to post the pictures you took of us “idiots” from Saturday?

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