Provincial Time Trial Championships

Ian Hall from Olympia Cycling Club sent me the following e-mail which is self explanatory. One location I suggested was the #302, starting at LaBroquerie and heading toward Richer, then turn around at an appropriate place.. I decided to post this e-mail for any other ideas that you guys/girls might come up with.

Hi Jim,

The Olympia Cycling Club is organizing the Provincial Time Trail Championships on August 5th (August long weekend). We haven’t settled on a location yet… I wondered if you/your MIT colleagues might know of some suitable places in/around Steinbach?

We’re looking for:
– a smoothish, quiet stretch of road that is a loop or an out and back of about 12-18km (note: time of day has not been determined – this could be early in the morning, or it could be in the afternoon/after church)
– a start/finish location(s) that could accommodate parking for about 50 people and ideally have a washroom (or could host a porta-potty)

Bonus would be:
– a simultaneous/partner event (like a community festival, etc.) that would like to have a bike race as part of their day
– a community group that would like to use the bike races as a fundraiser or engagement opportunity (bake sale, barbecue, etc.)
– features of interest on the race course (hills, tricky corners, scenic bridges, etc.)

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your consideration,

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6 thoughts on “Provincial Time Trial Championships

  1. I agree Jim. I think either LaBroquerie to Richer or the Marchand station to Woodridge would be ideal. I like Marchand to Woodridge for the route itself and the staging area, but LaBroquerie to Richer is ideal for creating community interest. Are they looking for a total length of 18km or a one way of 18km?

  2. Not that I know anything about running a TT, but I’ve often thought the 6k stretch between Steinbach and Kleefeld would make a good TT track (smooth, wide shoulder, etc). There’s some good parking lots at the Steinbach end for staging, etc. It would be really cool to close off the south side of the 4 lane for an afternoon, then add Oakenwald Crescent in Mitchell. You could race straight west to Mitchell, tear around Oakenwald Cres and then race straight back east to Steinbach. The loop around the Crescent would add an interesting technical challenge. Probably dreaming in technicolor to think that highways would ever entertain closing off one side of the 4 lane though, even if it were a Sunday.

    Steinbach & area events are posted here: and I don’t see anything going on for that day.

  3. Thanks for the ideas folks.
    @Merle – the ideal route would be a “lap” of 12-18km that younger riders and women would do once and that elite riders would do twice.
    @RJ – closing (or pyloning off) one lane isn’t out of the question, but in my experience is prohibitively expensive, since a professional /licensed traffic marking company needs to be hired to do the marking and there are usually additional permit fees. Might be a bit steep for this event, although a sponsor or two could assist with costs. Do any MIT’ers have a contact with local RCMP?

  4. Weren’t we just talking about the 302 having seal coat? It would be smoother by August, but frankly a winter with snow ploughs seems to help. In my limited experience, seal coat is much less “enjoyable” when I am riding areo bars.
    A couple of suggestions: This a not a road MIT rides, but the best pavement in the SE with little weekend traffic has been the 305 from the 59 to St. Agathe. 15 km long. Why I don’t ride it as much is the bicycle trip to it – the 52 west plus 3 km north on the 59: The 59 in particular is never fun to ride on a bike, but that wouldn’t be a factor in this case. Anyone have a contact in St. Agathe or near by or with St. Pierre RCMP?
    I would also suggest the 216 from Kleefeld to Grunthal, which has the advantage of 2 villages for turn arrounds/staging areas. It is 11 km long, but could do a loop around Grunthal (Weins Rd) or head further south on 216 or head east on 205 (towards Sarto) or start further north of Kleefeld. This road is still fairly quiet, but is busier than the 302 or 305.
    As for RCMP contact; My only contact within the Steinbach RCMP has retired a few years ago.

  5. Another option would be to ride from St. Anne following the old Dawson road to La Riviere and back. This is a very quiet road with good pavement, somewhat treed, with some turns. The turn around could be at the top of the “hill”. Patrick Fredette from St. Anne has a lot of experience running the Duathlon in St. Anne and would be a good contact person for Olympia as he could answer a lot of questions they might have regarding permissions etc.

  6. 305 from the 59 to St. Agathe has got to be the fastest pavement around.
    I can arrange parking at the corner of 200 and 305.

    Another nice piece of road is 303 from 59 in to Otterburne though it may be a bit short.

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