Power Of The Pack (Muddy Waters report)

Pete, Rob L., and myself rode the Muddy Waters 100 today. Rob had come with another riding partner and they settled into their own pace early on while Pete and I rode with the lead peloton. The ride was a demonstration of the power of a large pack (peloton) of fit riders. After about 45KM Pete and I stuck with a strong pack of about 30 riders dropped from the lead group. I couldn’t believe that I was able to hang with these guys and gals for the duration of the ride. I guess the draft was just so sweet from a group of that size that it saved my legs and kept my heart rate under control. We cruised along at 35 – 38 kph for most of the ride and finished 169K at 5 hours 6 minutes, including whatever time it took at the start to ride to the registration table and back to the starting line (I forgot to reset my computer after that). Man, that was a sweet ride. Thanks to FOG, Tribalistic, Woodcock, Red River Racing, Fort Garry Bike Club, Bikes & Beyond, and all the others in the pack for a great time (and to the Habitat staff and volunteers for logistics and organization)! Oh yeah, thanks also to Tanya for a fantastic massage after the ride (and great advice on what to do with my stiff shoulder).

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  1. Thank you Val ! It was a great event. My friend and I enjoyed every minute of it. Including the Cold, the Wind, and the Rain.! Happy riding !!. Robb 🙂

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