Pics just in from DA MUDDY ride

Just look at that Body Driven team.  All set to run the 100 mile gauntlet to new heights.  Yup it was a great ride.  
Body Driven team
Just look how skinny those legs are, well most of them.  I thought I would look skinnier in green…ok now need to ride more, eat less, more…hey Audrey what you doin tonight…even my shadow is twice the size of Paul’s.  No wonder I broke a spoke on my new wheel set tonight…just 5 miles out and POP just like many times before…the backside motion slowed down lots of traffic as they watched this large shimmy goin down highway 12…am I upset, well yeah…see those red gloves, maybe should wear them more when I eat so I slow down on the shovelling…good old Whitey (r-man) standing there in the middle, didn’t get a chance to blow by him in the last mile like I tried last year, no wonder I feel so tired lately…ok that’s it, commitment time, time to loose the weight equal to my left leg, about how much Paul weighs, any takers on a bet on how much I will be down by next riding season…wouldn’t that be something if I could wear pink first ride next year…bet those home grown boys down in southeastern Manitoba would be talking…no wonder my bike has a creak, more like a groan, I would complain too if I had to carry that fat through a heavy breathing session a couple times a week, heh that reminds me of, ouch, ok never mind. 
Ron is looking great
I’m proud of you Ron, you have become a tough rider this year.  You’re faster and have the long distance abilities without tiring like other years.  I guess the running the last year helped. 

Well thanks for listening; maybe I can get someone to edit the picture so at least in pictures I will look skinnier. 
nice legs!
Nah, the shadow would still be too big.  I need that t-shirt that says “I fought Bulimia and won” Ok here it is, starting tomorrow, next week, Monday, today I will go on a 1500 calorie per day eating properly, measuring my food and just common sense to eating.  I’m getting hungry already, maybe one bowl of ice cream tonight, nope settle for the apple as bed time snack…ok good start

Sorry just whining a bit, looking forward to the ride on Saturday, even my fingers look fat typing this message… no there ok I was looking through my bi-focals…age what is with that, it took 18 years, 18 long years to get to official drinking age…then 10 years later I’m fat and fifty wondering where the years went…more years backwards than forwards, just got to keep on riding even if it is into the sunset.

Ok 2 lbs per week x 10 weeks left of riding = 20 lbs off by thanksgiving, then I’ll weigh in at 210.  20 lbs more by Christmas, then 20 by Easter and I’ll be down to a 170 lbs…take that spokes.  But then again it is hard work, you can’t change what you don’t measure, some manufacturing saying, so need to buy a scale…the last one didn’t measure weight right, always showed too heavy, jumping on it didn’t help, but it stuck on 187 lbs, if nothing else I felt lighter.

Man am I hungry (just kidding). Thanks for reading this —  just venting a bit… See you next ride. Look out for the fat green man breathing hard on bike short one spoke… 


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Just a middle-aged man whose blood pressure and cholesterol were out of wack and needed a tuneup, bad. Then I rekindled my love for riding a bike -- just the simple act of turning the cranks. What happened next is I met a lot of neat people who are as nuts as I am. Ride on.

5 thoughts on “Pics just in from DA MUDDY ride

  1. Jac, you need to UPLOAD your photos first, then link to them in your post. So I cleaned up the bad code in this post, but it took a little longer than usual because I could hardly read through the tears in my eyes — this is hilarious. You know how ‘fat’ people are supposed to be ‘jolly’? Well, if you DO manage to shrivel up into a guant little cyclist, I hope you keep the jolly. I may even be able to find a ‘lite’ beer in the fridge for you if you want to come over and talk about it.

  2. That’s a hoot – thanks Jac! But where are the pictures? Rudy, maybe you can fix up the old post from Paul as well (huge pictures that cause the page to load very slowly)?

  3. When you come back to New England we will hit the White Mountains. I get to draft behind you on the descends. I bet we could break some speed records! We can celebrate with a large fried seafood platter and ice cream.

    What’s this about a pink shirt?

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