Pete fattens up(right)!

MIT’s amazing bike builder has gone FAT! Checkout the latest build…watch out Actif Epica riders! Actually, this is Pete’s second fat build. He built a recumbent fatbike and rode it in the Epica last winter. Congratulations Pete, excellent work. Are you taking Christmas orders? Is it called the Peterbuilt II?

3 thoughts on “Pete fattens up(right)!

  1. Very impressive Pete. I like the Peterbuilt name suggested by RJ; it fits the physique of the bike. However, as that name is copyrighted, allow me to suggest the “McAdaMITe”. This way you can give credit to your MIT friends for inspiring you to bike building greatness as well as guaranteeing yourself a group of loyal customers. Afterall, what other fatbike would an MIT member want to ride other than a McAdaMITe.

  2. Thanks guys it’s definitely a Peterbuilt till paccar learns how to spell.
    A few details, CHroMoly steel frame, wheels and fork are off a Surly Pugsly, I lucked into them last year when building the Long Fat. Geometry is based on Salsas Mukluk with a few tweaks, the offset for the Surly wheels is built into the dropouts, dropouts are sliders so I can run single speed and the frame is split to take a belt drive.

    Its been fun to build something different, and a lot of fun to ride, bring on the snow.
    No orders till people stop eating pork.

  3. Nice work Pete! Let me know when you go into production.

    I’ve got a slightly used belt drive for you if you’re interested.

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