performance? fashion? or just ugly?

What’s up with growing length of cycling socks? This year’s TDF peloton is riff with near knee-high socks. It’s like the pros are being kitted by Reitmans. Personally, I think they look dorky. Aren’t they hot (in the uncomfortable way, not the Paris-Hilton-I-have-no-original-thought-in-my-head-catch-all-adjective-way)? And why are so many of them white? I mean all these guys need is to add sandals and a tricycle and we could move the TDF to Florida. Am I’m missing something?

6 thoughts on “performance? fashion? or just ugly?

  1. Actually, Ron, they are called “compression socks” (I think) and apparently they promote more efficient blood circulation and hence performance. They are very trendy now among runners and other distance athletes.

  2. I like your idea of moving the TdF to Florida and adding sandals and tricycles to the white socks, Ron! Then maybe we could compete. You can actually get these in knee-high and tights versions too, woohoo! Wouldn’t MIT look great all kitted out like that?

  3. Like skirt hems, the length of cycling socks has risen and fallen according to the folly of fashion since time began. Maybe even before that. I predict the peloton will be socked up to the knees like schoolgirls in the next few years, then revert back to the ankle socks of yesterday shortly thereafter. Thankfully, unlike a carbon fibre race bike, socks are relatively inexpensive so it is within our means to always look as pro as possible. Even if it means looking like a dork. Cheers!

  4. Yeah, point taken Andrea. As if I don’t already look like a dork with my over 50 year old body clad in skin tight spandex 🙂 . However, Neil, you can go first with the knee-highs.

  5. If Neil buys ankle socks, they’ll probably almost be knee highs! 😉 Just a little good natured kidding my friend! I believe the same would be for me as well.
    Those socks will certainly make for even worse cycling tan lines than we already have.

  6. I was going to say that myself, Val. I actually thought they’d be tights, but thanks for saving me the trouble!

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