Performance Coaching

Peter Jensen is a Consultant, Executive Coach, and Sport Psychologist who works with Canadian Olympic teams and has a business called Performance Coaching. He was also behind me, on another bike, as I worked out in the gym this morning, looking straight at my monitor – oh crap. I knew I was in for something different when I first entered the fitness room and there he was standing on the pedals, sweating and grunting, with Pavarotti blaring as loud as possible. I sat down, selected my “time” and he said “more”, I proceeded to select my “level” and he said “higher”, and I selected the “random” program and he “no, you want climb-around-the-world”. Then he proceeded to beat my ass for thirty minutes. He also told me about the TRX system and recommended it as the best off-season cross training for cyclists that he has come across. Then we talked about a group of CEO’s in Toronto that he works with who plan annual training rides and hire professional cyclists to coach them (that’s a bit above my pay grade, I’m sure).