Pembina Hills ride

Good day MITer’s

I haven’t had the chance to get out on many MIT rides this year, but have managed a few rides of my own. Looks like the season is hanging on with the good weather. If the weather stays nice, I am going to head over to Rathwell on Thanksgiving Monday to ride some of the rolling hills along the southern part of Manitoba escarpment.

The route goes south from Rathwell along Rt 244 to PTH 3, west on 3 to Rt 23, north on 23 to PTH 2 and east on the 2 back to Rathwell. Pass through Norte Dame, St Leon windfarm, Manitou, La Riviere Holland and Treherne – about 140 km. Earlier this year I rode route 244 and PTH 3 to La Riviere and back. While the wind was strong, the traffic was really light and PTH2 & 3 have paved shoulders. I have not been on the 23 but Manitoba Cycling Association had their last road race there this year, so I think it would be pretty decent road. I’d like to try the full loop this time but would also just enjoy Rathwell to La Riviere and back (111 km)

I am thinking about leaving around 7:30 am from Mitchell on Thanksgiving Monday (October 10th). About 1hr 40min drive to Rathwell. Anyone interested in coming along?

Cheers, Glen

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  1. Sounds like a really good ride Glen. I’ve never ridden that area but I have skied out there and it’s great. We are booked with a family event, so I’ll have to pass on this one.

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