Park Rapids Ride in September

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Hans mentioned this ride in an e-mail and I’ve also been wondering if there’ll be a crew of MIT’ers making a trek down there in September. I missed it last year and don’t want to this year if there are others going.

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One of the "honorary Mennonites" in tights, I have and continue to enjoy the commaraderie and conversation to be had riding with the group. One of the few Women-ites in Tights, she hopes there'll be more females to join the group one day! :) The "boys" are very welcoming!

2 thoughts on “Park Rapids Ride in September

  1. From various comments and discussions during this spring and summer, I gather there definitely will be several of us riding in the Park Rapids century (or 75 miler). So far, roughly six MIT ‘ers have indicated they will be going. I’ll leave it up to the others to indicate here whether or not they’re going, however, Rita and I are planning on it. It was a fantastic ride last year. We all stayed at the “Come On Inn” in Park Rapids and were quite happy with the accommodations. Once we get closer to the event, we could negotiate a cheaper group rate there.

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