Pair of ducks-es

When you think about it, cycling is full of paradoxes like these. Consider:

  • The harder you thrash the pedals, the slower you go.

  • The more you pay for a piece of cycling gear, the shorter its lifespan.

  • The cleaner your bike, the less likely you are to ride it.

  • The more you say you haven’t been riding, the more you’ve been riding.

  • The more cycling stuff you buy, the more cycling stuff you need.

  • A cushy saddle hurts way more than a hard one.

  • The more you learn about training, the more confused you are about training.

  • The harder you try to avoid crashing, the more likely you are to crash.

  • The more tired you get on a ride, the happier you feel.

  • The more you deny using performance-enhancing drugs, the more likely it is that you’re using performance-enhancing drugs.

  • And the more you ride, the more you want to ride.

3 thoughts on “Pair of ducks-es

  1. All so true. Reads me like a book, especially the part about the performance enhancing drugs. Sugar, caffeine, eggs, peanut butter and of course carbs in all shapes and forms … I’ve decided not to deny the use anymore! That’s right, I’m a user and proud of it. I’m looking at starting a “winter” weekly evening spin session again in the new year; are there any interested couples (bike and rider). Rollers and mag trainers allowed. Be prepared to sweat, watch a really small TV and enjoy great conversation. Let me know if available and for what eve would suit (last year did Wed eve). Keep on riding. R-Man out.

  2. R-man you got it right. Wednesday is the night that works for me. I’ll be there whenever possible. Gonna make the move to rollers, just found a used set, look out walls.

  3. Great cycling profundities, Pat! They all seem to ring true. The need for cycling stuff, the confusion about training, avoiding crashing, everything.
    R-Man, Wednesdays would work for me, but retirement dictates almost any day would work for me!

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