Ottertail Trails (Fergus Falls, MN)

Merle, Jim, Neil and RJ enjoyed a few days of riding in Minnesota this week.  Good times.  Thanks to Merle for logistics and planning, Neil for transportation and Jim for navigation (well, sort of…he really wanted a 150K that first day!) and RJ for keeping it real (without me dropping off the back they surely would have killed themselves).  Here’s a few pictures (apologies for lame shots – I was using my suckBerry).

6 thoughts on “Ottertail Trails (Fergus Falls, MN)

  1. Great shots, Ron! Who took that fabulous shot of you in the corn field?
    They give some sense of the fun we had. Great riding and camaraderie. Thanks Merle, Jim and RJ.
    P.S. If you must ride on the sidewalk, make sure it’s behind someone talking on the phone!

  2. I hope Ottertail becomes an annual ride. Fabulous road riding so close to home. Lots of great laughs. I really enjoyed it.

  3. I sat down with the map this afternoon and traced out four routes in Ottertail; each one is between 90 and 150 km. Who is with me for a wee trip next July?

  4. You can count me in for the wee trip next July, and a fine wee trip it will be.

  5. I’m in for a wee trip, after all, I’m the leprechaun, aren’t I? But, hold on, you’re not just playing tricks on me are ye?

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