…one of these things is not like the other…

So, it was a small group last night for the MIT ride – Val, her mom – Susan, Rob and Peter on his newest recumbant bike creation.  It is very, very nice and he’s still able to go faster than a lot of us on our usual uprights!  It just made me think of that old Sesame Street spot where they had four “things” with one of them “not like the other” (am I the only one that remembers that?).  Susan was a bit tentative about joining the ride at first but after the previous night’s ride where she was hot on my tail the whole time I figured it was time she gave it a go.  She did great!  It was a beautiful, perfect night for a ride so I look forward to the next one I can join. 

One question for Paul (at least I’m pretty sure it was Paul’s truck Mom and I saw on our ride into Steinbach) – what the heck was that in the back of the truck? 

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One of the "honorary Mennonites" in tights, I have and continue to enjoy the commaraderie and conversation to be had riding with the group. One of the few Women-ites in Tights, she hopes there'll be more females to join the group one day! :) The "boys" are very welcoming!

5 thoughts on “…one of these things is not like the other…

  1. Indeed that was me that gave a wave. in fact the UFO that you saw in the back of the little truck is now sitting on my deck with 104 degree water pumping through it’s jets!
    I figured it would be good for the back to be able to climb into a hot tub with a beverage after a long (or short) ride.

  2. That’s for sure, RJ! I could use a hot tub with these wounds . . . and a beverage, for that matter, too!

  3. Sorry guy’s it’s a four seater, guess your gonna have to figure out who sits on whose lap!!
    I gotta say though, the last two nights soaking in that thing have sure been nice on the sore back, now if only there was a way to mount wheels and pedals on this thing!

  4. I’m sure Red/Green would have a quick and easy way (involving a little duct tape – the handyman’s secret weapon) to get that thing up and pedaling, Paul.

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