one mans trash…

…is another mans treasure,  or so the saying goes.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw this old gal.  At first I thought she was an old Eatons Hiawatha, like I once rode all over Fort Rouge  – Riverview when delivering newspapers in the early 70’s.  Churchill Drive, Arnold, Morley, Bartlett, Hay, Mabel, Baltimore, the old King George Hospital, the Park Theatre (still a hap’nen place), tons of memories.  Many a loaded lush had their heart irrationally softened by the pencil necked kid with the home made flannel shirts, bleached blond hair & big brown eyes who showed up Friday nights on his Mom’s humongous old bike to collect for the Winnipeg Tribune and score an unheard of $0.50 tip for just two weeks of deliveries!  Sadly, turns out the old gal is a CCM.  But I didn’t have it in me to leave the old lady at the Steinbach landfill where she lay abandoned after 4 decades of faithful service to someone.  She’s in pretty good shape and even came with a funky ’74 plate from Kenora.  I think I’ll enjoy tinkering on the bike over the winter and then get double pleasure from giving her to someone when she’s road ready.  Maybe my neighbour, who makes incredible bread which she occasionally drops off at my place….

4 thoughts on “one mans trash…

  1. Ron, you’re amazing! That looks like a leather seat!
    Hey, what are you doing this week, Thursday? Should we try for a ski, burger and beer night? The temperatures are rising.

  2. Ha, yeah Jim, believe it or not, there was actually hair. Thursday might work Neil, I’ll let you know. Things are a bit unpredictable with the on-going renovations at my place (hence the reason why I was at the landfill scavenging bicycles).

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