Oh, yeah?

RJ this one is for you as you’re riding to and from bouncy castle work.



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He started out riding trails on his CT 26" mountain bike eventually moving to a real mountain bike and added road riding to his menu over the last few years. He would like to scale the barricades put before him at times, but hasn't always succeeded!

8 thoughts on “Oh, yeah?

  1. New slogan for the Canadian elections – Think green, stay lean, ride a two wheel machine!

  2. Maybe I’ll get a t-shirt made up with an MIT logo on it and the slogan “Oh really, the price of gas is up?” or perhaps “I think, therefore I ride.”

  3. Interesting idea. I’m glad it supports “voting with your heart” in Provencher, because that’s exactly what I plan to do. I vote by policy, not for individuals, not for parties, not for religious/pious positions. For me, the clear winner is therefore Green.

  4. Ron, the website seems to suggest that the Greens will come in second in this riding. Isn’t that interesting.

  5. I think you might have misinterpreted the poll. The predictive results show less than 4,000 votes in Provencher which would put the Greens last in the riding. There’s actually no riding in the province that they are predicted to do better than fourth place, if I’m reading it correctly. I think the story for the Greens will be % of the popular vote in this election, which is looking like it might triple over previous elections. But I don’t know if they’ll even score enough seats for official party status (for sure not the 12 seats needed for House of Commons, possibly the 5 needed for Senate). But, just like in Europe, I think their day will come…maybe 2012 or 2016 (or sooner if the PC’s keep calling elections every two years).

  6. We should all just vote for Mary Jane party, everyone would be alot more “mellow” and relaxed.

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