Oh, the ridicule!

Oh, the ridicule!

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He started out riding trails on his CT 26" mountain bike eventually moving to a real mountain bike and added road riding to his menu over the last few years. He would like to scale the barricades put before him at times, but hasn't always succeeded!

8 thoughts on “Oh, the ridicule!

  1. This sort of abuse from the uninitiated is why it is important to be with those who understand, Neil. Have you forgotten about those who care about you? Your MIT buddies are waiting for you Neil. Where were you this morning? You afraid to get the Madone wet? The Di2 won’t work when its misty? The bike might get a little dirt on it? Or are you too fast for us now that you ride Lance’s bike, and we are no longer worthy of your presence. Sheesh! Whats up with you anyway!!!

  2. Talk about abuse! Why ride in the cold morning in the rain and wind when you can ride in the sunshine and warmth of the afternoon? Plus, the group rides haven’t really been ‘group’ rides have they? It seems like some are riding as if they’re Tom Boonen at the Paris-Roubaix.

  3. The best incidence like this that I can recall is when Paul, Jac, and I where cruising down Main Street and Paul’s daughter, perhaps 15 at the time, was on the sidewalk with a group of her friends. Paul could tell she was totally mortified and trying to ignore him. So he stood on pedals and loudly called out to her, while the rest of us waved cheerily to her. You could just see the “oh, gross” expressions – it was hilarious!

    I say we rock the spandex well into our 80’s guys. We’ll be Steinbach legends (in our own minds, if not in our own time) 🙂 .

  4. . . . or the Hydro guys Helmut and I encountered a couple of summers ago at Woodridge and their comment was – “There should be a law against guys your age wearing spandex!”

  5. Oh, and BTW, Merle, I miss you too! I’d love to take you and Ron and anyone else on a mountain bike adventure at BHP. We can do a 30-35km ride on mostly great, technical singletrack. Come and join Helmut and me 🙂

  6. And I thought no one loved me, Neil. I’m in on the BHP ride. I actually cleaned up the old Kona last week, though I still occasionally get some chain skip. I propose an all day “celebrate spring” cycle extravaganza. We do the regular MIT ride in the morning and them hammer ourselves into oblivion on the MTB’s in the afternoon.

  7. I’ve ridden often at BHP, mainly on the old race course near the birding tower, and the new race course at Burr Oak Trail, but I didn’t realize there was so much singletrack I have yet to ride!

    If there is an organized ride, count me in.

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