Ode to Woodridge

Ode to Woodridge

Seven a.m. and six showed up to head south east
to ride the rain & wind, we needed to tame the beast

We discussed and wavered but the decision was clear
ride for pan fries was better than staying home and drinking beer

Our aim was the ranger station, then maybe ride the wind back
but we got there in one piece and decided the wind to attack

First Jim led off with a steady pace,
then Hans went around and we were in a race

Ron pulled up even but had to go back
then Big Jac pulled through and led the whole pack

But suffered he did, the heart rate too high
as Jim pulled up past him, with pounding thighs

Then into the distance Hans & Jim rode
Curt, Haley, Ron & Jac — just let them go

Just 5 kms out Big Jac had a flat
after 2 tubes and a busted pump, Jim said, ‘Use mine — it will hold that.’

After 3 cups of coffee and pan fries to boot
we headed home, wind at our back, it was a hoot

The rain stayed away, almost the whole ride
but a little must fall to make us feel pride

Five of the six riders needed to wear glasses
Butt all six of us riders had wet asses

Our average was just 24.1 heading into that wind all the way to Woodridge,
but we picked it up to 34.8 as got pushed all the way home right up to the bridge

It felt good to be back safe & sound,
thinking back, in Hailey a hero we found

Haley, who is just 17 years of age, kept up with the pack
and with one toe clip on she even attacked

It is great to be home, warm and dry
now where is that advil, before I cry.

Great ride by Jim, Hans, Ron, Curt, Haley and me. Haley did an outstanding job of riding the ride — all 116 kms of it. Our average was just over 26 kms, but we pushed into the wind all the way to Woodridge.

Next weekend I would suggest Woodridge again…thoughts

Big Jac