Spartacus and the Most Interesting Man in the World

epa04165913 Trek Factory Racing team rider Swiss Fabian Cancellara (L) in action during the 112th Paris Roubaix cycling race, in Roubaix, France, 13 April 2014. EPA/NICOLAS BOUVY

While Fabian Cancellara speaks Italian, German, French, Spanish and English, the most interesting man in the world speaks every language and two that only he speaks.  While Cancellara’s bikes are worth more after he has ridden them than when they were new, the value of a car increases when the most interesting man in the world drives it off the lot. When Spartacus attacks, his rivals accuse him of using a motor. When the most interesting man in the world attacks off the back, solo, he claims victory. Spartacus will retire voluntarily at the end of the year, a gladiator of gladiators, against the wishes of the citizenry.  The most interesting man in the world was sent to Mars, never to return again, against the wishes of his legions of fans.cancellara The “most interesting man”  is finished, only surviving on youtube, but Cancellara will continue his quest to be the greatest cobbled classic rider of all time with a legendary fourth win at Paris-Roubaix, “L’enfer du Nord”, on May 10.  It should be war!solo