not speaking of bicycles…


Ever wonder what would happen if today’s Republican Party Primary were a pro-tour cycling club building their peloton?  Whatever happened to the vision that spawned the anti-slavery party?  Well, whatever you may have to say about them, just be certain that they are “severely more conservative” than you or anyone else.  And that just makes us all feel so damn good.

If there were a Republican pro-tour, the delegates motto might be “I can pull longer than you”.  Which we all know is the way to win a race, right?


2 thoughts on “not speaking of bicycles…

  1. I guess I need to watch more TV as I had no idea who Dwight Schrute was. I do however have a tie that looks a lot like the ones that Schrute/Newt are wearing. I bought it for an interview with a private school, The American School in Switzerland, which is located in London, England. Go figure! I never did get the job, which was just as well as they would soon have discovered that I was only faking my blue blood heritage and would never have felt comfortable teaching in a houndstooth suit jacket. I do still have the tie and jacket however and would like to wear it on occasion. Perhaps the Mennonites in Tights aught to have a Republican Ride where we all wear our best Repub outfits. We could ride to Quarry Oaks, the closest to a Republican establishment that I can conceive of at this time. I think the Houndstooth, tie and tights would look absolutely smashing. Any takers?

    HMH (His Majesty’s Highness)

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