not a cono sur

cono_sur1I am a wine illiterate.  I never know what to order.  But this is the second time that I’ve picked a wine that I really like just because it had a connection with cycling.  I’m not sure what the cycle logo is for and the name “Cono Sur” is spanish for southern region of Chile (although it also makes for a good pun).  The other good wine that cycling has led me to is “Masi”.  You can get them both at the La Broquerie LC.  Conveniently on the way home from the office :)!

5 thoughts on “not a cono sur

  1. Yes, rj “Masi” is a very nice wine. There is also ” Red Bicyclette” It is a very nice wine as well (cool looking bottle).

  2. Ron, you wouldn’t want to be a wine ‘cono sur’ anyway, because that would make you an “oenophile”. Now who would want to that?

  3. Thank goodness for wikipedia or I wouldn’t have a clue what shorty just posted! Red Bicylette eh…sounds like another stop on the way home from the office is in order.

  4. Easy RJ, or you will end up a “wineo” and still be wine illiterate.
    On the other hand we could have a few drinks and then sing ” Red, red wine” while riding. Neil, how does that sound? No holding hands though, sorry…

  5. I don’t know the words, Paul. Could I just hum along? Or will you provide a song sheet? I’m disappointed about the holding hands, though. Maybe we should all just bring along our own wineskins like we used to when we went cross-country skiing!

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