Nikkels and Prieses circumnavigate Lake of the Woods

We managed to have perfect weather for seven days as we cycled from Steinbach, around the Lake of the Woods, and back to Steinbach. I’ve posted some photos and a map here: Cycling – Lake of the Woods

4 thoughts on “Nikkels and Prieses circumnavigate Lake of the Woods

  1. That’s a great photo journal you’ve kept, Rudy! I really enjoyed the comments with the photos. I’m quite jealous of your trip. Sounds like you guys had a terrific time.
    I notice you sat at the baptismal table in Richer the first morning – I think that’s appropriate!
    Missed you this morning on the ride to Woodridge.

  2. Wow! That looks like an amazing trip! If I ever want to do something like that, I sure know who to call.

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