Nick’s Inn

Imagine me with long blond hair, no glasses, about 150 lbs wet, and a new 1976 Ford Ranchero tweaked with headers, dual exhaust and a 351 Cleavland. I’d worked all summer as a subcontractor installing insulation in row housing. I made a wack of $ and bought a brand new Ranchero, much like this one (except for the paint job). This one is listed for $16,000 at the dealer beside Nick’s Inn, Headingly. I paid $6,300 with no trade 37 years ago and I waited 4 months to take delivery. About 5 years later I sold it and bought a 1967 Mustang – my Dad thought I was nuts (but the Ranchero was really his idea and, as I’ve since learned, your kids have a way of following their own plans). The ride from my new (old) house to Nick’s Inn is pretty sweet with loads of cyclists doing the same route, but I’m sad that there’s no MIT buddies to swap stories and memories with 🙁 .


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  1. Heh Ron,

    I always wondered who would buy a Ranchero. I always lusted after foreign machinery. I envisioned myself in a sky blue Maserati Merak or a Porsche Carerra. One day a really nice white MGA with a red leather interior came up for sale for a $1000.00 at Sticky’s Esso in Dauphin. This was in a town where everyone dreamed of Z28’s and Firebirds with the massive (gross looking) decal on the hood. I was in grade 11 and saw myself in this little beauty flicking through the corners at high speed on my favourite drive from the Park Gate to Moon Lake in Riding Mountain. I had grown up watching Gilles Villeneuve race snowmobiles, Formula Atlantic and Formula 1. I knew this was the car to launch me into my own competitive driving career. That was until my Dad scuttled the dream with a father-son project; a 1966 Plymouth Valient with a 3-on-the-tree and slant six. The car handled like a drunk pig. A year later I bought an exotic Italian machine (a pale green Fiat 128 hatchback that topped out at 100KM drafting behind a bus) that had an exhaust that at least sounded a little Merak like. Eventually I got my MG(B). It did not launch a driving career but it sure made summers in Banff fun. Early last summer I saw a brown Fiat 124 Spider on our rides to Richer via LaRiviere. I wonder if it is still for sale.

    When are you going to join us for a ride Ron? We miss you!

  2. Excellent story! Gotta love those ever pragmatic and oh-so-uncool Dads! I’ve been flooded with a ton of memories lately as we sorted through stuff while packing. We had to get ride of a lot of things (evidently not quite enough). It makes me wonder if I was also tossing out memories and stories because of the way those things trigger recollections. I better understand the stashing and storing habits of the elderly now. It is not about the stuff, it’s about the lived experiences.
    I was going to join the Woodridge ride but 13 trips with a trailer and/or pickup truck, over the last 11 days, sort of ruined my enthusiasm for another drive to Steinbach. I seriously need to start training now…only 800k ridden yet this season.

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