New Ride for Saturday AM M-R-L-SA-R-LA-G-S Tour

The orginal plan was to ride (110 km) Woodridge ride on Saturday August 18.  We could still do ride Woodridge but with no breakfast oppourtunities thought maybe change the ride but not the distance.

The ride?  An 8 community tour including Mitchell-Randolph-Landmark-Ste Anne-Richer(breakfast)-La Broquerie-Giroux-Steinbach.

This would be one of the few rides that would cover both sides of #12 highway.  In the past our rides have been either one side or the other.  Now that the 210 has been paved between Landmark & Ste Anne it adds another route to our cycling routes.

But Woodridge, one of my favourite rides needs to be completed as well this year.  One idea was to ride to Woodridge and return to Marchand for breakfast.  Either ride works for me this saturday.  Water-tower 7 am!

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3 thoughts on “New Ride for Saturday AM M-R-L-SA-R-LA-G-S Tour

  1. Of course MIT could just wait until we get back to Steinbach for breakfast (hint, hint, HINT!!!)

  2. As always when planning one needs to plan for the unexpected. My ride Saturday will be short. We lost a former mayor and friend Tuesday evening. I have been asked to speak at the funeral which takes place at 10 am Saturday morning.
    So I will not be enjoying the long ride, but plan to start at 7 am as usual.

  3. Jac
    Sorry about your friend. As you said the unexpected often changes our plans. For a much less significant reason, I find that I won’t make tomorrow’s ride either. So much for trying to get out on a MIT ride this month. All the best.

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