New MIT rider on the horizen

 Look at the new MIT rider born July 16th at 2:35 AM in Steinbach.   Holding Brody Tobias Jacob are the proud grandparents, Audrey & Jac. 

He won’t be a climber maybe solid GC contender with sprinter abilities.  He came into this world at 9 lbs 4 oz on a long 23″ frame and full head of hair. 

Mom is doing well and dad provided all the support needed for this tough long mountain stage that had many short tough climbs and a final out of category climb.

The first surge came early Tuesday night with many attempted breakaways along the way.  The final mountain top finish left all contenders in rough but happy shape. 

Grandma counted all toes, fingers and other parts making sure all components were in correct working order.  I am sure that the peloton surrounding Brody will provide all the support, nourishment and protection to be a contender on life’s bike ride.

Don’t really know how it happened but I went to bed with my wife and woke up with grandma!         Welcome little Jac!                                               




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5 thoughts on “New MIT rider on the horizen

  1. Congrats to mom, dad and the Grand parents on the new future Tour winner! lets hope the wind is always at his back and the climbs are short!!
    All the best to you all!!

  2. Congratulations, big Jac and little Jac! Now maybe for a while I won’t be the shortest rider in the bunch!

  3. Congratulations, Grampa Jac. I,ve been sleeping with a grandmother for 15 years now……it’s really not so bad. Give my best wishes to mom and baby. They were in my math class this past year.

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