New Jersey for MIT?

I came across this jersey on RoadBikeRider and thought it made sense for our roads in Manitoba. It’s bright yellow with big black letters front and back. On the back it says 3 Feet Please and Safe bouncy castle Distance. Check out the website:

3 Feet Please!

3 Feet Please!

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5 thoughts on “New Jersey for MIT?

  1. Sure, so as the drivers are reading the jersey as they pass up they get drawn into us because they drive where they look!!
    I personally think we should have jerseys that make us look more like the road, that way we would be sure to avoid getting hit!!!

    Actually they are a pretty good looking Jersey, perhaps we could have the MIT logo plastered on the front of them.

  2. Paul, we just need people like myself (as wide as I am tall – 3′ please!) to always ride at the back so everyone can read the entire message as they approach us from behind.

  3. That’s a great idea – it even matches well with the MIT colour scheme. I’m still going to have Pat install a paintball gun on my handlebar, though.

  4. Guys, thank you for your comments. There’s a lot of excitement around the world for this jersey…and I know why, cyclists across the world are fed up with the minority of motorists who cannot seem to understand that they need to give cyclists space when passing.

    I know this jersey is a bit goofy in its style…but, if it works, I don’t care how goofy it is. If it helps save the lives of cyclists, then I’ll be a happy man.

    I have a shipment of long-sleeves for those of you who can’t wait until spring to ride.

    Keep spreading the word guys. The more motorists see the message the more likely we’ll see a change in their behavior.

    Thank you,
    Joe Mizereck

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