New Hours!

Hey everyone, 
The snow is going fast and business is picking up so we’re changing our hours for the summer starting March 16. The new hours are a little different than last year. We’ve decided to stay open later on Fridays and Saturdays. I’ve also hired some help so I’m hoping I can join MIT for a lot more rides this summer!
Here’s the new hours:
Sunday                Closed
Monday                Closed
Tuesday               10am-6pm
Wednesday          12pm-6pm
Thursday              10am-6pm
Friday                  12pm-8pm
Saturday               10am-4pm
I hope that these adjustments help everyone.
Patrick Siemens

3 thoughts on “New Hours!

  1. New hours look great – thanks for tuning up both of my rides for the year and definitely we look forward to having you be able to join more Saturday morning rides this year.

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