Neil’s Bike Repair

Neil's Bike Repair

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He started out riding trails on his CT 26" mountain bike eventually moving to a real mountain bike and added road riding to his menu over the last few years. He would like to scale the barricades put before him at times, but hasn't always succeeded!

2 thoughts on “Neil’s Bike Repair

  1. Does this mean that the Madone is being assembled? BTW, I tried out my 29’er on the trail behind Ledingham Chev last night. In between paroxysmal attacks reminding me of my inglorious series of end-o’s, I now realize this is a whole new riding skill to learn.

  2. Ron, I want to take you out on the trails at Sandilands and BHP. Let’s make a date and we can take Helmut and Jake with us too. It will be a blast!

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