5 thoughts on “nazi anti-cycling rant

  1. Truly impressive rant. Do you see how it is done, Neil? You need far more intensity in the body language. Your rants are also too short. You need to intersperse full throated ranting with periods of quiter more contemplative rant. I’ll be looking for a better performance from you on our next ride. If you can master this the Diamond Boys might even give us three feet.

  2. Merle, are you saying I remind you of Hitler? I’ve been likened to Napoleon, but never to the Fuhrer himself! Besides, I never rant, I just go on and on passionately about things I believe in – that’s not a rant, right?

  3. Neil, I have always thought of you as a much more muscular Napoleon. If you look closely at the paintings of Napoleon you will see that he lacked your monster calves. And no, you are no where close to Hitler as a ranter. However, as our fearless leader when it comes to confronting heavy machine operators, you are the best we have. There is always hope that you can up your game in this area.

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