Musings of a bored veterinarian…

I was trying to avoid my paperwork and came up with this — hope you enjoy…

Ode to the Road
(penned by Val while trying to avoid her paperwork)


The day was here at long last
Weather’s good, road’s dry and fast!
Can’t wait to get that spandex on,
Or maybe I can… the winter’s been long…
My heart starts racing as cleat meets pedal,
My legs start the spin and I start to settle,
Can’t help the big smile; been waiting for this!
Wind whistling, tires humming; this is sheer bliss!
Familiar aromas meet me as I go,
Yup – pig barn and road kill uncovered by snow,
I ride by that yard with the bike chasing dog
He must be asleep – or tied to a log.
I look down at my speed – oh man! Am I slow!
After months on the trainer avoiding the snow,
But time’s on my side; it is only spring
By June or July, I’ll be back in the swing
Why do I love this? My friends just don’t get it,
Don’t know if I really can totally explain it.
Why torture yourself cycling into the wind?
My hands sometimes hurt…as does my behind!
But pushing my body to almost its limit,
Then a little bit more – there’s nothing like it!
Feeling the bike take off like a shot,
When I stand on the pedals and give all I’ve got.
When climbing that hill seems like torture unending,
The reward is then realized in the descending!
And when I get home, my energy spent,
I think of the ride, re-live the event,
Remembering the fun I had with my friends
And loving the fact I cycle mostly with men!

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About Val

One of the "honorary Mennonites" in tights, I have and continue to enjoy the commaraderie and conversation to be had riding with the group. One of the few Women-ites in Tights, she hopes there'll be more females to join the group one day! :) The "boys" are very welcoming!

7 thoughts on “Musings of a bored veterinarian…

  1. Good job – love it! You have usurped our Poet Laureate Jac! Jac, it’s your move!

    Went for a ride to New Bothwell yesterday afternoon. If that was any indication, I might be dead before the summer is over. I had to take the gravel shoulder twice when vehicles suddently pulled out to pass and came straight at me. Then, at the 206 corner, that old black lab charged me again. By then I was so ticked off I actually stopped, got off my bike, and swung it at him while chasing him down the driveway. I must have looked ridiculous. Sad to say, my first (actually second) ride of the season was not the uplifting experience that yours was. I’m thinking seriously about getting that 29’er MTB I’ve been looking at to get some relief from these constant road riding hassles.

  2. Val…outstanding…love the ending. I did have a poem that needs to be read but, I will wait so this one is enjoyed for some time.
    My riding has been virtual lately with the onset of a virus that needs to be wrung out of my body.
    But Saturday, Saturday April 12 be there…waffle time oh yea

  3. Val, that’s a lovely tribute to spring and the love of the ride. I wish I were so poetic, but, I’m not. Just short and sweet!
    Saturday is forecasting wet snow – hope they’re wrong. I’m going riding today in the warm sunshine and pretend that spring is really here! RJ, want to come along to Bird’s Hill where it’s safe?

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback on my prose, guys! I won’t be quitting my dayjob anytime soon though… 🙂
    And, Paul – thanks for the compliment, I feel better now!…of course, you only saw me from the other side of the road so not sure if its a fair assessment.
    It was so great to see everybody out there yesterday evening; when I turned around heading east, it might as well have been a hurricane force wind for the effort it seemed to take at first. Here’s hoping for some good weather for Saturday – I’m getting to be in waffle and pan fry withdrawal!

  5. Hey Paul, how was my spandex (re the Tues passing on highway 52)… second thought, don’t answer that. I also enjoyed the read Val although my advice re “the day job” is to start selling your poems and have fun buying extra cycle stuff. Shorty, I concur with the Bird’s Hill comment for RJ. Was there on Wednesday and had a great ride doing loops of the park on the smooth, essentially traffic free asphalt. Gotta love the rolling terrain and the opportunity for some speed. Makes the early spring legs feel like they got something in them. See y’all on Sat.

  6. Hans, I wasn’t going to mention it but seeing as you brought it up…
    You looked marvelous in your spandex, it was a real toss up for me, as part of me wanted to turn and chase your spandex clad frame with that smooth shiney white raceing helmut to complete the look, you were looking good my “friend”, just had to keep thinking about Val, sorry buddy…

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